Taking care of pets

 One house at the time

Why we love pet and house sitting



Reason one

We miss the loving companion that only a furry friend can provide. There is nothing better in the world then a waging tail greeting you when you open a door. For years we cherished time with our lab Misa – now we can give all that love to yours.



Reason two

We curious to see the world around us, and pet sitting is a great way to achieve that. It allows us to live in places we might otherwise overlook, experience a culture we only read about and make friendships that might last forever.

Reason three

When the time is right, our travel will be more than just a quick holiday. It will be a lifestyle we choose to embraced. It will allows us to travel at our own pace and house sit when we can. We will get off-the-beaten path, walk through lesser known towns and have a chat with locals over a dinner. It will lets us to live as lightly as possible.