I’m writing this from a place we’re calling home for next two weeks, top hill house overlooking the Pacific ocean. It is a gorgeous, southern California weather and temperature is still climbing. We have been sitting for friends a family for years, but are the novice to this house sitting community. Our first house sitting took us to beautiful coastal town San Clemente located just in the middle between Los Angeles and San Diego. So here we are – on our first Housesitting Avenue :).

I can’t wait to cuddle with our new friend Hank! We both are pet lovers and miss having a pet around. This was my morning today. Hank was singing into my ear and waiting for his breakfast.

Hank’s home buddy Ranger went on a trip to Arizona this yesterday, but we had a pleasure to meet before he left. Although twelve years old, Ranger is still full of energy, playfulness, and has the stamina to put in a full workday!

They say; a cat has NINE lives. And after caring for Hank just for 2 days, I can definitely relate to a few of them. Not only he doesn’t fear heights, but he also doesn’t think much about them. So if your cat sees a butterfly in the air, he or she will probably jump after it. Cats are also light-weight, however, their light weight and body shape give them a low velocity and their instinct tell them to relax all of their muscles. So, when Hank hit the ground, he spread his force among the entire body instead of just the parts that initially hit the ground. These two factors together and the fact that cats have no collar-bone, allow them complete mobility in the air, which is why you can always see a cat land on the feet… Clever !

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We like San Clemente. It is a beautiful coastal town with walks, restaurants and all kind of things to do here. There is enough space for any type of lifestyle. This morning we took a walk down to the beach before the weather gets too hot. As we wandered on the pier, the people had time to say ‘hello”  and we could smell a salt in the weather and feel a breeze coming from the ocean. It was just wonderful morning!