We met Jacque, our foster fur child almost 2 months ago. It was LOVE at the first sight. He was a sweet, playful little poodle, and not to mention highly energetic, so going for a walk was an experience.

Playing with a ball was one of his favorite activities and to get him to return it to us took a lot of encouragement. He could do it for twenty-four hours if we would keep on.

He enjoyed daily trips to the local parks in the afternoon, especially a walk around the lake regardless of the weather. If he didn’t run around chasing ducks or digging tunnels in the sand, he was eager to meet people and furry friends around, especially a ladies!. He was very entertaining and amusing to watch and we had a wonderful time together.

At the end of the day, we could sit down in cooling weather and have a coffee while Jacque was shaking himself off on passing by strangers,  which was received with good humor He was energetic, but also well behaved and friendly that we never had to worry about him. He was a just wonderful pup!

Good job Jacque 🙂