In December we spent a long weekend in San Diego, where we cared for pitbull/boxer mix Mr. McBane. He was rescued at six months from the Humane Society in San Diego. Passing his obedience class just before he turned one, Mr. McBane knew many tricks and words.

He lived with us as a total equal member of the household and liked to follow everywhere we went. Hyper at the time, McBane also love to just chill and play cough potato as his mom said (and yes, she was right)! He showed his great personality every moment of the day and he was capable to change his moods in a heartbeat, from soft and cuddly on the couch to wanting to play tug of war, or to be chased around the house to standing guard be the door…

McBane has been a wonderful host and he was a JOY to be with. We loved every minute with and hopefully one day we meet again.


We also visited beautiful Balboa beach which was only a few minutes away.