Last month we had our first “family reunion“.

This was no ordinary family get together, but it involved my older daughter coming back to the States after two and half years living oversea, along with her a boyfriend.

In general, it was very exciting and memorable experience for all of us and it really brought our distance family back together again.

After much thought, I realized that this wasn’t just happy and healthy experience for me, but it served a deeper purpose in my life. It made me realize  that we should cherish every single moment with our kids because we don’t know when they will leave us for good. There is always going to be some mishaps and back luck between us, yet by the end of the day “a house that is divided cannot stand”, and LOVE need to keep our families together.

Our first family reunion will live with me forever. It brought back a memory of my children when they were growing up together and whom I love from all my heart.

While I can’t stop thinking of a good time we had together last month my mind is already planning where we going to meet next? Hey, Spain would be nice!