Trabuco Canyon, California

DATES: August 2017

Period: 3 days

Pets: 3 dogs: Mr. Orio, Mr. Levi, and Mrs. Phoebe

Duties: Feeding and fresh water, cuddling, playing and taking “triplets” for potty breaks and walks

Owners: “If you are looking for the sitter that is trustworthy, reliable and who treat your pet as one of their own, then look no further. I was extremely skeptical when I first joined this site on leaving my fur babies and my home with strangers. However, Radka and Cory alleviated any concerns or uncertainties I had. They met with my dogs and me multiple times prior to the date so that we can get to know each other and see how they engage with the dogs. Not only were they always punctual, they provided an extra special touch of love and care.” Read more…

Experience: From the moment we arrived at our “meet and greet” interview we were made to feel very welcome by young homeowners Lois and Michael.

Three canines, Lois’s dog Orio and Levi with Pheobe (adopted), were characters, who enjoyed peaceful siestas all day long, as well as chasing us around the house every time we were on go. During hot hours of the day we chilled at home, cuddling with our homebodies and catching up on online task, and In the cooler morning and evening, we went for long walks, exploring lovely neighborhood.

Trabuco Canyon is beautiful and people friendly community near 241 toll road and under Saddleback mountains. It is centrally located in the middle between Los Angeles and San Diego, and a just half hour drive to the coast. It was our first experience with three dogs and we thank you Lois and Michael for welcoming us into their beautiful home and caring for their family:).

Lake Forest, California

DATES: July 2017

Period: 2 days

Pets: 1 dog Mrs. Zoe

Duties: Feeding and fresh water,  exercise, playing and walking Zoe to local parks and beach.

Owners: We couldn’t have asked for better people than Radka & Corey to take care of our dog, Zoe for the weekend. The were very responsive from the start. Met up with us in advance at our request. During the sit they kept us updated with pictures and messages about how everything was going. They loved on and took care of our baby as if she was their own. Debbie and Cory Pflieger Read more…


Experience: From the moment we saw Zoe, it was love at the first sight. She was well mannered, seven-year-old Pug and Boxer mix, who loved long naps, home made cookies and cuddling. She did not do well in hot weather, therefore we only took short walks around the neighborhood and close by park.

Since we enjoyed her company only for a weekend, after a walk we would often relax on cough and watch some favorite movies together. Zoe would snuggle up in my lab and after a while quietly snoring into my ear.

This was only short stay, but it worked out for everyone. We had a foster child we enjoyed very much and her parent spent a great weekend at the concert in Los Angeles.

 Fullerton, California

DATES: May 2017

Period: 11 days

Pets: 1 dog Mr. Jacque

Duties: Feeding and fresh water, playing in the hall with the ball and cuddling, watering plants, daily mail, keeping a house clean and secure.

Owners: “Radka and Corey did an outstanding job. My home and my dog were in excellent condition!!! They went above and beyond “normal”, including cleaning my refrigerator! I’m very thankful they were at my home and would highly recommend them”. Linda Boyd


Experience: After taking a little break, it was fun to travel to the city of Fullerton and explore this university town in Orange County. This house sit presented as a great an opportunity to spend time down this end, since living near by for so many years, we had never venture this part of Orange County.

We met Jacques, our foster boy three weeks prior to our house sit. He was a cute, energetic terrier, who loved to chase the ball in the hallway, driving a car and meeting furry ladies :). He never felt to amuse, and always ready for a fresh air and leg stretching. Visiting local coffee shops for Latte and croissant was also one of his favorite things to do.

 San Diego, California

DATES: December 2016

Period: 4 days

Pets: 1 dog Mr. McBane

Duties: Feeding, fresh water, daily grooming, medicating, walking and playing tug a war, plants, mail, keeping a house clean and safe.

Owners: “Radka and Corey did a fantastic job watching our 3.5-year-old pit bull mix while we were away on vacation. They were attentive to his care instructions and even brought him a toy on their first visit. Sarah and Lesly  Read more …


Experience: Every time we come to San Diego, we ask ourselves why we don’t spend more time down here? It is a really beautiful part of the Southern California coast.

Mr. McBane, rescued from the Humane Society just six months old, welcome us with excitement (he would pee on the floor when too happy), and after checking out a little gift, we became the best friends. Like many dogs, he liked his morning routine, static by the door with the sunrise,  and ready to walk the neighborhood, while saying Hi to other furry risers. He admired the outdoor time, it made him very happy.


 San Clemente, California

DATES: August 2016

Period: 2 weeks

Pets: 1 cat Mr.Hank

Duties: Feeding, cleaning potty, play with Hank and letting him out, plants inside and outside, mail, keeping a house clean and safe.

Owners: “We are so pleased with our house sitters! They took care of our bellowed cat and our house with so much care. They even went an extra mile when my husband forgot his hearing aids and they took a time to drive down to mail them overnight to our hotel room. Wow! Marge and Tom Hobbs  Read more …

Experience: San Clemente was quite familiar since we live just a few miles away, and sunrise and sunset at the beach were a breath taking.

On arrival, we were first greeted by a party of four, including canine Roger, and shortly after Mr. Hank showed up with his gorgeous furry coat and blue eyes. He was a quiet feline who just wanted to be near you and in your space :), but also enjoyed sunbathing on the patio, get lost and sleep on the bed (or under). We learned a quiet lot about him on the sit and spent a dear amount of time searching for him when he decided to play hide and seek.

House was situated on the hill and overlooking the Pacific ocean. Each day we had the Hamming birds flu in for breakfast and, as long as their little shelters were stocked with food – all was good :).


Laguna Niguel, California

DATES: September 2016

Period: 3 days

Pets: 1 dog Mr. Bailey

Duties: Feeding and fresh water, cuddling and playing with Lesley, scheduled potty breaks, watering plant, mail, keeping a house clean and safe.

Owners: ” Radka and Corey spent three day weekend with our new puppy at our place. We could not be more pleased with our experience and they gladly get our five stars review! Good and honest people. Will work with them again”! Roman and Kathy Precechtel

Experience: We looked after puppy boy, who was just so cute and fun to be with. Bailey was definitely a king of the house, keeping eyes on the cookie jar after the potty breaks. Of course, we diligently follow his parents’ instruction and he was rewarded just twice a day :). Walks were relaxing, and chilling on the deck before we call it day very therapeutic.

Laguna Niguel is friendly and family oriented suburban city in Orange County. The name Laguna Niguel was derived from the words “Laguna” (Spanish for “lagoon“) and “Niguili” (the name of a Native American village once located near by). A location was beautiful, surrounded by its numerous parks and public trails, and bordered by the Pacific ocean.